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Set up the REDUCE Suite
« on: April 21, 2016, 11:13:30 am »
Starting from REDUCE Suite v2.2, we've streamlined the downloading process. Users just need to register on this Forum, and log in to see the member-only download section (at the upper-left corner). The Suite is distributed with the source code (in ANSI C) available. Moreover, for user convenience, we have compiled the Suite on common operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux (64-bit), and Windows (via Cygwin).

Assume you have at least basic knowledge of Linux (Unix/Mac OS X) and know how to use the shell, getting the REDUCE Suite up and running is a really simple process. It involves to set up an environment variable REDUCE_SUITE so the system knows where the Suite has been installed, and an update of your command PATH so that you can run the associated programs conveniently. The whole process is further facilitated by the REDUCE_Suite_setup script, as shown below:

Code: [Select]
To install the REDUCE Suite, do as follows:
  (0) Download the Suite from
      You also need to have Perl installed for the setup step.
      Note that you *must* register and log in to see the download page.
      Assuming your downloaded tarball is for the macOS:

  (1) tar zxvf REDUCE-Suite-v2.2-macosx-intel.tar.gz
        This will create a directory named REDUCE-Suite-v2.2/

  (2) cd REDUCE-Suite-v2.2/
        You are now in the REDUCE-Suite-v2.2/ directory

  (3) >>> [optional] ONLY IF you compile REDUCE Suite from source <<<
        (3a) cd src/
        (3b) make
        (3c) cd ../   # back to REDUCE-Suite-v2.2/, as with step (2)

  (4) ./bin/REDUCE_Suite_setup    # assuming you are at directory: REDUCE-Suite-v2.2/
        To run the REDUCE Suite, you need to set up the followings:
          o the environment variable REDUCE_SUITE
          o add $REDUCE_SUITE/bin to your command line search path

        for your 'bash' shell, please add the following into ~/.bashrc:
            export REDUCE_SUITE='/Users/xiangjun/Luxes/REDUCE_Suite'
            export PATH='/Users/xiangjun/Luxes/REDUCE_Suite/bin':$PATH

         and then logout and login again, or run the following command:
              source ~/.bashrc

  (5) type MatrixREDUCE -h
           LogoGenerator -h
           HTMLSummary -h
      etc for command-line help and worked examples

  (6) Note: to use HTMLSummary for the summary page, you need to install
            GhostScript. See $REDUCE_SUITE/config/pkg_settings.cfg for
            setting path to the command 'gs'. LogoGenerator generates
            the logo image in EPS format, and uses 'gs' to convert EPS
            into PDF, PNG, or JPG. Additionally, with ImageMagick, you
            can also get the logo image in GIF.

The above instruction should help get you started with the Suite. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The Forum has been created for any related questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Re: Set up the REDUCE Suite
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 04:33:00 pm »
Hello all,

On step 5 of REDUCE_Suite_setup, try executing 'bin/MatrixREDUCE -h' in the REDUCE-Suite-v2.2 directory if entering 'MatrixREDUCE' into the command line does not work after you have switched into the 'bin' directory.




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Re: Set up the REDUCE Suite
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2017, 04:39:58 pm »
Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your feedback. Step #5 should work as is if step #4 has been performed as advertised, which adds the bin/ directory to PATH. I've slightly refined the instruction for step #4 to make it clearer.

Executing 'bin/MatrixREDUCE -h' assumes one is at the $REDUCE_SUITE root directory.

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